Speakeasy to Close Unless New Owner Found 52

Posted by science on May 14, 2009

The Speakeasy in El Cerrito is now facing the same fate as the now closed Parkway. From Kyle and Catherine:

“As many of you know, Speakeasy Theaters has been experiencing extreme financial difficulty since opening the Cerrito Theater.  We learned much from the closing of the Parkway.  Of most importance, we learned that our patrons would have preferred more warning of its impending closure.  The El Cerrito City Council is meeting on Monday, May 18th to discuss the fate of the Cerrito Theater.  Speakeasy Theaters has already agreed to leave as operators and we have offered to locate and train a new operator.

If any of this is of interest to you, I suggest that you attend the meeting.

Close enough 52

Posted by science on November 01, 2007


The day the music died? 46

Posted by science on September 21, 2007


All it takes is a printer and a couple of stamps to send off some letters to the Congress and Senate. I sent a few and actually got responses back. Diane Feinstein was disturbingly ambiguous about her position. Barbara Boxer was more definitively in favor of a solution for internet radio. The only way you’ll know where your reps stand is by writing or calling them (writing is more effective).

Dick Cheney: Not always wrong 52

Posted by science on August 13, 2007

Tar pit anyone?

Dick Cheney is apparently not always a close-minded and incompetent liar.

In 1994 he was much more in tune with the truth: “It’s a quagmire”

The success of virtual worlds 36

Posted by science on July 29, 2007


I read a recent /. post about IBM regulating their employees virtual world participation. Some of the comments to the article got me thinking about this. First off, it makes perfect sense for IBM to regulate what their employees do on the clock – IBM isn’t prohibiting participation, in fact they are encouraging it. They are just setting some rules so that employees will know that they are expected to follow certain rules and if they do that, they are permitted to explore these worlds..

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It’s all about the Hamiltons 33

Posted by scientific on May 31, 2006

I do kind of miss Greenspan. This isn’t even my tirade, and I’m not used to tirades in song form, and especially not this song:

Possibly the best thing to ever come out of Columbia’s business school

US Public Getting Smarter? 52

Posted by scientific on April 10, 2006

Latest Bush Poll numbers indicate US public has been steadily wising up. I used to feel that Bush squandered foreign support wantonly. Now I see he’s just been squandering support from everyone.
These poll numbers are from Fox News, so fear no upward bias.

On Intelligent Design 1

Posted by scientific on February 09, 2006

1. Fundamentalists wanting proof in the negative to validate their theory implies that Doubting Thomas got a bad rap.

2. It’s one thing to believe in God. It’s another to teach kids an invalid scientific method. Even God was a logical positivist: Eye for an eye, etc. Believe what you like, but leave The Method alone.

3. “Teach the controversy” implies that there is a controversy in biology. The only thing biologists do agree on is evolution. If you want to talk about the controversy, do it in political science class.

4. Disguising Christianity as philosophy is a kind of slur against philosophers. If you want your kids to take classes dedicated to Christianity, send them to Sunday School.

5. Just because something doesn’t make sense to you, doesn’t mean that God did it.

6. Why aren’t there intermediate species in the fossil record? There are. You can’t reject intermediate species because there are gaps between them. Cf. Zeno’s Paradox.

7. Just because no one (yet) knows how molecular motors evolved doesn’t mean God made them. The absence of an explanation doesn’t imply another explanation. (see item 1.) Intelligent Design could also explain how electricity works, except that Maxwell already figured out that it wasn’t God, but electrons. Just because there is no Maxwell, doesn’t mean there is a God.

8. If your real agenda is to teach religion in schools, what do you think your kids are learning by watching you lie about it?