Granada Tapas Bar in Brisbane 51

Posted by science on March 28, 2010

Delicious tapas at Granada tapas bar in Brisbane

Science goes to Brisbane Australia. Our friends Dave and Jaquel have opened a stylish, modern cafe in the heart of South Brisbane. Their previous restaurants have been great but this one is a revelation! They offer a wonderful selection of traditional Spanish tapas and mains, with a few clever, tasty Mexican infusions. Their Sangria is delightful, light with lovely spices. They have a great selection of Spanish wines with a few aussie ones in there too. I had not seen their Spanish beers sold anywhere else in Brisbane – the Moritz was great. As a vegetarian, they had a great set of options including a black bean and salsa taco, goat cheese and pumpkin croquettes, spanish tortilla and a beautifully simple garbonzo bean and spinich dish.

For the meatier, definitely check out their Spanish ham – thinly sliced and as good as you’ll find in spain. Their steak plate comes with corn torillas that they make on the premises and traditional guacamole. The custard dessert finished off the night for us, leaving everyone satisfied. All in all I found this restaurant to be priced reasonably with excellent quality and great service.

They’re located at 154 Melbourne St in South Brisbane. Hours are M-F 12n-11pm, Sa 5:30pm-11pm. Granada website is here.

Read this book: Bicycle Diaries by David Byrne 44

Posted by science on January 08, 2010

Read this book. All of you. It’s the most accessible and enlightening expression of a personal philosophy I’ve ever read, and good words to live by. The more people who read this book, the nicer place we’ll all live in. A wonder on two wheels. I like D Byrne even more now.

Reloading Classes in Rails 43

Posted by science on May 08, 2009


Sometimes you just read a blog post that’s so good, there’s no need to clarify it or anything. I just suggest that you read Witold Rugowski’s post on how to force classes to reload in development in Rails. At the very least you’ll learn something about how Rails works:

Reloading plug-ins in development mode

Fixing Ruby Rake on Windows 45

Posted by science on March 25, 2009

slash circle
I found a nice article recently which lets you remove the batch files from Ruby when running on Windows, so you don’t get those annoying, redundant cmd messages “Terminate Batch Job (y/n)” whenever you press ctrl-c within Ruby. My version (1.8.6) exits cleanly now – thanks Ruby Rambler!

My specific steps for fixing Rake are:

  1. rename “rake.bat” to “rake.bat.orig” (or whatever)
  2. rename “rake” to “rake.rb”

Continuous Testing and Testing Single Methods in Ruby on Rails 39

Posted by science on March 25, 2009

Under a Microscope
Testing in Rails is crucial to effective development. Many people have opted for rspec over Test::Unit for this, but I find that Test::Unit meets all my needs. It’s simple and reliable, which is all I want in a test framework.

I do want two pretty simple features for Rails tests though. I want to manually run a single test easily, and sometimes even just run a single method inside a test. I also want to automatically re-run a test, whenever that test file is edited.

I’ve written some rake tasks to accomplish these basic activities – hopefully you’ll find them as useful as I do.
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Real time Bart schedules for your cell phone 32

Posted by science on December 18, 2008

Update 8/18/11: Science is now convinced that pure Javascript front-ends apps rule. So I rewrote the Bart app to get rid of crufty old Rails backend, and replaced it with a shiny jQuery front-end. Here’s the current link to the Real-time Bart Arrivals page.

To make the front-end work I had to proxy the Bart XML feed on my own server b/c the BART server doesn’t provide cross site scripting access to this api, which is mildly annoying. But I wrote them to ask for a fix. In the meantime science provides a cross-site scripting friendly mirror of their feed here if you need it. Have fun!

Original post: Science knocked out a little Bart train application a couple of nights ago for your pleasure. Bart, for those foreigners, is the inter-city train system which services San Francisco and the surrounding areas.

The application provides you with real time arrival data for any station in the Bart system. It returns data in a format suitable for reading on most web-enabled cell phones.

To use this new application, simply point your phone (or computer) web browser to:

[[this link is deprecated. do not use]]

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MapQuest’s New API: MQ loses its mind? 47

Posted by science on December 17, 2008

Readers may be familiar with this site’s GeoX application, which integrates Yahoo, Google, and until the end of January, MapQuest. At that time, MapQuest is switching over to an alternative API system and decommissioning their old api. This seems to be getting a lot of good blog press, but Science is skeptical by nature. As we’ll see, not everything is as it appears.

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Changing the number of rings on ATT / Cingular cell phone 37

Posted by science on November 15, 2008

I found this recently on an AT&T forum post on how to change the amount of time your phone waits before rolling over to voice mail:

  1. On your phone, dial *#61# and click Send.
  2. Some information should be displayed: number that the calls are being forwarded to and the delay before the forwarding engages.
  3. Write down the number (including +1)
  4. Dial **61*+1xxxyyyzzzz*11*30# and hit Send. +1xxxyyyzzzz is the number you wrote down previously, 30 is the delay in seconds. The delay can be set in 5 second increments, 30 is maximum
  5. Dial *#61# to verify that the new settings are active.

The crucial detail is the “+” – you have to figure out how to include the plus in the dialed number. On my (8525) phone, I hold down “0″ for a while and it turns into “+”. I hope this helps someone else.

Web-based Design to Implementation 61

Posted by science on August 11, 2008

Full Speed Ahead
I’ve been through the process of going from a great graphic design to a website a few times, as I’m sure many readers have also. I was recently asked by a company for advice on this process, and I thought what I told them might be of interest to others more generally.
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Railsconf Resources 46

Posted by science on May 30, 2008

Some handy links from my rails conf presentation on search techniques in Rails.

The Presentation itself (pdf format) – CRUD isn’t spelled with an S: Advanced Searching in Rails (or original powerpoint format – much larger)

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