China: The New Sleeping Giant 3

Posted by science on February 24, 2009

These data just in from Netcraft, Chinese site goes from 3 sites to the third largest webserver provider in a month simply by enabling blogging for its users. Bigger than Goggle’s blogger, bigger than Microsoft’s Live Spaces and bigger than MySpace. In a month.

Developer January 2009 Percent February 2009 Percent Change
Apache 96,947,298 52.26% 104,796,820 48.59% -3.67
Microsoft 61,038,371 32.91% 62,935,449 29.18% -3.72 3 0.00% 20,021,763 9.28% 9.28
Google 9,868,819 5.32% 8,157,546 3.78% -1.54
nginx 3,462,551 1.87% 3,447,596 1.60% -0.27

Source: Netcraft Web Survey Survery Feb 2009

This is a great example of what will happen more broadly when hundreds of millions of rural Chinese farmers start finding more economic opportunities. Poverty isn’t such a great thing, but rural farming poverty has the potential to insulate you from the forces of economic collapse. And the chances of these hundreds of millions of Chinese actually precipitating a real global economic collapse is worrying. Quite a dilemma: hundreds of millions stuck in poverty vs the attempt to liberate them causing wide spread global economic failure (not to mention the carbon footprint). Then again maybe global economic collapse is just what we need right now to prevent a global environmental collapse. Either scenario seems to imply that I’d better learn more about living with a lower standard of life.


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    Stunning data. This is a rare quantification of how much that giant doth sleep!

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