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Posted by science on October 11, 2007

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I’ve been using this little utility for a while and thought others might like it too. It’s a Ruby script that creates M3U files for MP3 Players – basically playlists. It’s not fancy but lets you script creation of arbitrary M3U files for any number of folders. It automatically processes subfolders as well.

I store MP3’s in several “genre” folders with lots of band/album folders underneath. I use this tool to create a large playlist of all bands within a genre. The syntax is:

m3umaker.rb name_of_playlist.m3u root_folder/to/process

As a bonus if you want to also create a playlist of only new music (defined as added in last 60 days) add the flag “/new” to the end of the command.

You can find the latest version of the tool with this SVN command:

svn export svn://

Make sure you install Ruby if you don’t have it already. Post here if you have any trouble with application or can’t figure out how to download it!

If you don’t access to SVN you can download a version of m3umaker here. I’ll try to keep this version up-to-date and in all cases the version below will be a functional release, but not guaranteed to be the absolute latest (use SVN for that):

>> M3UMaker direct download (click here) <<


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  1. she Sat, 13 Oct 2007 07:46:11 UTC


    can you put a link to the .rb file?

    right now at that raa website, there is a svn-url, i want one that is more easily wget-able if that is possible… :)

  2. File Thu, 04 Sep 2008 01:39:48 UTC

    Ot just drag-n-drop over this bat script in windows:

    cd /d “%1″
    del cd.m3u
    dir /on /b *.mp3 >> cd.m3u
    dir /on /b *.wma >> cd.m3u
    dir /on /b *.mpc >> cd.m3u
    dir /on /b *.m4a >> cd.m3u
    dir /on /b *.mp4 >> cd.m3u

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